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Jan 2018

Window or door replacement in the Winter? Is that a good idea? Dollar wise it is.

In the Midwest we experience a variety of weather over the course of the year. Indiana versus a market like Atlanta where the temperatures are more consistent and rarely freezing cold, has more peaks and valleys in the consumer demand for replacement windows.

The industry is super busy in the spring, summer and fall, but it might surprise people to learn that companies like Legacy Window and Door, 10 years in the market, install every week of the year including winter.

By using special winter guidelines we minimize the winter conditions impacting the installation. Example we use tarps throughout the home plus we take our shoes off irrespective of the weather.

By concentrating on each room we minimize heat loss by having two installers working each window, one in and one out. In addition by lowering the temperature and keeping doors closed, heat loss is kept at a minimum.

The main reason we sell and install in the winter is homeowners receive the best pricing in January and
February in cold weather markets.

To ensure a company’s crews stay busy, most window replacement companies and general contractors will give special discounts starting in December and lasting thru February.

It’s cold outside but never to cold to save money!


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