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Jan 2013

Replacing Your Windows: Part two

By Mark Spencer, Owner + Operator of Legacy Window and Door

Previously we discussed the first element of a quality window replacement (Hit a Home Run the first time!).  A robust window is the one of the three pillars.  The second is the proper measurement of the openings.  The third crucial piece of the puzzle is a skilled, dedicated installation team.

1. Great Product

2. Exact measurement for replacement product

3.  Skilled, dedicated installation crew

Replacement windows are all made individually.  In an order of 15 windows you can have as few as two sizes and as many as 15. When a window is measured either too big or too small there are potentially negative ramifications, particularly down the road.

When the window is made too small, an installer can sometimes cover that defect up. Years later though, when the silicone breaks, it will become apparent. When the Windows too big, if possible installers might alter the opening or just pound it in. this potentially creates stress cracks in the glass.

At LEGACY we measure and order by the eighth of an inch. Many companies order by the quarter inch. And then they round down.

Measuring for replacement windows is a task that seems simple on the surface. Trust me, been in the business 24 years, and it isn’t. A measure person ideally was an installer first. Only by seeing literally thousands of openings can a person become an expert measure.

Some type replacements are more difficult to measure than others. An example is a drywall return. At legacy, we typically use quarter round on the inside to ensure a perfect finish. At home with exterior brick mold and interior casing, is a little easier to measure and hide a not quite perfectly measured window.

Window replacement looks fairly simple from the outside looking in. The reality is quite the opposite. Successful companies have a process that they religiously follow. An intelligent company is always striving to improve its process while maintaining the discipline to follow the correct process.

Good luck and be successful! Mark


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