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Kitchen Remodeling by Legacy
Apr 2015

Kitchen Remodeling by Legacy

If you’re ready to upgrade and customize your kitchen, the Legacy design team is here to help.

Legacy offers quality remodeling and new construction options for the heart of your home. Upgrade your countertops, back splash, appliances, faucets, cabinet hardware, storage & organization, kitchen islands and more!Legacy designers specialize in a variety of home style trends.


Classic styling. Time tested. Never out of fashion. Enjoy sophistication that never feels outdated. Mix warm natural wood tones with traditional white cabinetry or try all wood styling. A brick back splash and appliances with an antique feel are only the beginning of style options for Legacy Traditional Kitchens.



Energize your kitchen with clean and sleek designs. Bringing a modern feel into your hearth and home is easy with Legacy’s contemporary kitchen styling. Crisp lines and natural textures contrast with sleek marble and stainless steel appliances. Legacy Contemporary Kitchens achieve aesthetic harmony easily with curving islands, glass cabinets, and bright tones.


Let the practical and the beautiful coexist in your Casual style kitchen. Draw from the strengths of traditional and contemporary for a fluid look that blends perfectly with your home’s current style. Tweak your lighting, blend appliances with traditional and modern faucet styles, and check out the latest in built in styles with Legacy Casual kitchens.




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