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Feb 2017

“How do I pick a replacement window for my home?”

In a previous blog we discussed the option between repairing and replacing windows.  If a person has decided to replace them, is there a logical approach to narrowing options down, making sense of it?

The answer is yes, definitely.  You’ll be able to determine the perfect window for your home by taking into consideration your home style, the current type of windows you have. the value of your home and then you can drill down even deeper by getting the right energy glass for your home. Example, does one side of your home receive intense morning or evening sunlight?  We have glass that can cut that glare by 96%.

3 Triple Casements with Colonial Grids
3 Triple Casements with Colonial Grids

Lets take a look at the replacement window market in Carmel, Indiana.  Carmel is like many Indiana homes in that it has a large variety of homes.  Lets focus on some of the more common.

1950 and 60’s Brick ranch: wood clad or vinyl pocket windows can work very well in this setting.

Typically these homes features 12 windows and they were either wood frame or metal.  Wood frame windows were the most common and an ideal platform for vinyl replacement windows. if you go with a pocket window replacement versus full frame replacement.

It is fine on wood frame windows to put a vinyl window into the frame of the existing window.  It all fits together and seals well.  If a homeowner wants to stick with a wood clad window, the full frame must be removed to make it work right.

A vinyl replacement double hung is designed frame wise to sit in the opening minus the sashes and stops.  This method of installation would only be a problem if the opening is very small.

If we’re replacing metals windows in a brick ranch some type of interior trim or quarter round will be needed to cosmetically cover the gap between the new window and the wall.

Frame home with vinyl siding and single hung vinyl windows: these homes can range in size from 1100 square feet to more than 3000.  The smaller ones typically have builder grade vinyl single hungs, most are the same size except for the kitchen and maybe the bathroom.

Almost universally a home with builder vinyl windows is an excellent platform for vinyl replacement windows.  There are several ways to install so be sure to have your window expert explain exactly the method they choose and how they trim it inside and out.

A word of caution, don’t go with single hungs again.  Contractors that sell them that product should be run out of town!

Custom home built in the 1970’s thru early 2000:   Most of these homes are larger and feature wood windows.  These homes usually have a large number of windows with more than 30 not being uncommon.

The most common window replacement in this situation is a full frame wood clad replacement but each job is different.

An example of wood windows with matching doors

For example if you have casement windows a full frame is your only option.  Casement frames are not designed for a pocket window to sit in it.  The result is often a visibly smaller window than was in there before.

If you have double hungs and they are large enough you can use a pocket wood clad window or a high grade vinyl window.

Home value plays a part: window replacement will add 8 of 10 dollars spent back into the value of your home.  Homes in the higher income range can easily absorb a substantial window investment

Having said that all homes benefit from new energy efficient windows.  Adjust your budget in relation to the value of your home. There is a perfect window for your home!


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