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Aug 2018

Finishing the exterior of a vinyl window. What’s my options? Q & A

We’re switching from wood sash windows to vinyl but we’re real concerned about the look, particularly from the street. We’ve seen the metal “wraps” and we’re not sure that is the right look for our home. Any advice?

Answer: the exterior finish depends on a number of variables.
1. What is the exterior finish of your home? If it’s brick, there’s a method and if its siding there’s several options.

Brick homes: If you’re home has a pocket window replacement installation, the existing brick mold would be intact and either wrapping it or painting it if its in good shape are your best options.

Because of the exterior contour of vinyl replacement windows, to put new brick mold on the outside, the vinyl product has to be pushed out into the opening so the edge of the new window is past the opening so brick mold can be applied against it.


This is the most difficult wrap in all of the realm of window replacement.  A radius or shape against brick.  it requires great skill to produce this long term look.  This is a Legacy specialty.

These folks got fancy.  New siding and new windows and 1×4 rough sawn cedar trim.


On this job we cut a hole where there wasn’t a window before.  Sure brightens that upstairs bath up.  At this stage we have applied the cedar but not yet painted it.


This job is in process.  The lower right window has been “wrapped”.  Working on that big hole upstairs.  Top left not wrapped yet but soon will be.


Legacy offers custom work on every job.  Do it right the first time with Legacy.



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