What makes LEGACY products top of the line?

LEGACY windows: The technical specs of our signature products

Legacy Window and Door

Features and Benefits

  • Solid color-through virgin vinyl maintains a natural appearance and will not chip, peel, corrode, rot or requires painting or scraping.
  • Multi-Chambered I-Beam structural mainframe provides superior strength and rigidity while offering the most adaptability for all installation methods.
  • NEOPOR®  in the frame combines flourocarbon-free foam with graphite particles that reflect radiant heat, improving strength and insulation.
  • Modern fusion-welded beveled frame combines excellent energy efficiency and beautiful aesthetic appeal. 

Additional decorative options may be available, including Simulated Divided Lites, Beveled/Leaded Glass, Stained Glass. Between-the-glass grids are securely locked in place

Legacy Window and Door

Premium Features

  • IdeaSeal Triple Protection includes triple weatherstripped sashes,  integral interlock and foam filled bulb seal
  •  Cove-crafted sash interiors with even sitelines mimic traditional window styling. Shadow-grooved sash welds give the consistent appearance of mitered wood joints.
  • Extruded lift rails are an integral part of the sash design, giving seamless beauty and ergonomic fingertip-functionality that will last a lifetime.
  • Heavy duty die cast multi-function tilt locks and keepers integrate the “tilt for easy cleaning” function into the lock, eliminating unsightly tilt latches.
  • Push-button activated Dual Night Locks provide a secondary lock that allows limited yet secure opening of the window from the bottom or the top.  Meets ASTM F800-97 (Grade 10) forced entry resistance standards.
At LEGACY You get choices: triple pane with Super Spacer, Triple Pane with Intercept, Dual Pane with Extra Sun Protection and more. IntelliGlass high performance climate specific Low E Glass for north or south, IntelliGlass Plus Triple Pane Low E, Argon Fill IntelliGlass Supreme Triple Pane Low E, Krypton Fill Additional glass types may be available, including Tempered, Obscure, Tinted, Laminated.
  NEOPOR® Rigid Thermal Insulation from BASF SE in the frame combines flourocarbon-free foam with graphite particles that reflect radiant heat, improving strength and insulation.
Operating windows feature Low profile extruded screen frames that cover the opening (half screen). Heavy duty half screens and full screens that cover the entire frame are also available. All Heritage windows feature BetterVue improved visibility insect screen mesh.

LEGACY Heritage Windows: By the Numbers

U Value
Heat Gain CoEfficient
Air Infiltration
Design Pressure

All this and an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

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